Unemployment Benefits Appeals

Colorado Springs Lawyer Skilled in Bringing Unemployment Claims

By law, Colorado employers pay into an unemployment insurance fund that protects their employees if they lose their jobs. The process of obtaining your benefits through this fund can be complicated. When you are facing the task of collecting your unemployment insurance, you need an experienced representative on your side. Knowledgeable unemployment benefits attorney Steven M. Werner has amassed years of experience in guiding Colorado Springs workers through a variety of claims and appeals.

You may find yourself fighting the state government and your recent employer to get the money you deserve. The state will have capable legal counsel on its side, and companies also consult with lawyers on these issues. This means that you need a professional of equal skill and zeal to give yourself a fair chance.

Appealing a Decision on Unemployment Benefits

It may feel like an uphill battle when you try to take on a government agency like the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. When a misguided decision has been made against you, there is a limited amount of time to file an appeal. You need to collect helpful evidence and possibly gather witnesses to provide testimony at a hearing. Properly presenting evidence and examining witnesses requires a great deal of familiarity with this area of the law, and your case may be hard to effectively explain unless you have a competent attorney.

There are several types of unemployment appeals. Some arise from overpayments of benefits, which can happen because of fraudulent activity or simply because of an ordinary mistake. Often, the rules of unemployment insurance are complex, and an error might be misinterpreted as fraud. Because of this, it is important to present your case well.

Appeals can lead to unemployment re-hearings, which are held to determine why you were given an adverse decision, such as being denied a benefit. These proceedings offer a chance to reverse the previous ruling. When you present your case to the unemployment board of review, it might be the last chance you will get to resolve your dispute in a way that satisfies you.

Sometimes your appeal can lead to a remand hearing. This is when a higher authority sends your case back to be decided again.

If you are not satisfied with the result of a re-hearing, you may have grounds to send your case to the Industrial Claims Appeals Office (ICAO). In the majority of cases, however, the appeal hearing is the only opportunity to present evidence, and it can be critical to how your case is decided.

You should keep in mind that you generally will need to continue to file any additional unemployment claims that may arise, even though you are in the process of appealing your case.

When you need to contest an unemployment decision, you only receive a limited number of attempts. Mistakes made early in the process may come back to haunt you as you pursue your claim further. When you appeal, you are usually facing off against experienced opponents who know the system. You need experienced legal representation on your side.

Discuss Your Unemployment Hearing with a Colorado Springs Attorney

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