Restraining Orders

Filing Restraining Orders in Colorado Springs Restraining OrdersHelping Clients Deal With Restraining Orders and Related Issues

Restraining orders are often sought in order to protect an individual from actions or threats by another individual. In some cases, restraining orders are only temporary without a formal and permanent order being issued. In others, a permanent restraining order is established with specific guidelines that must be followed. Whether you are seeking a restraining order or attempting to defend yourself against one, an experienced attorney can help.

At the Law Offices of Steven M. Werner, P.C. in Colorado Springs, I have years of experience handling all aspects of restraining orders for my clients. These cases can have civil, criminal and family law repercussions and I am able to advise my clients on how any outcomes to these aspects may affect their lives. Restraining orders are not to be taken lightly. I strive to see that my clients take them seriously and that restraining orders are granted only when needed, not when they are the result of false accusations.

Fighting Against Restraining Orders

As a skilled criminal defense lawyer, I am able to help clients contest permanent restraining orders. I can present your side of the case and effectively communicate to the judge why the restraining order should not be issued.

Filing for Restraining Orders

In many cases, clients who have experienced domestic violence are in need of a restraining order to protect themselves and their families. I can provide clients with guidance on these issues, including how to pursue changes to child custody and visitation orders once the restraining order has been granted.

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