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Colorado Springs Employment Law Attorney Employment'Employment at Will' Not an Absolute

Employment in Colorado is governed by the doctrine of employment at will. Historically, that meant that your employer can fire you or modify the conditions of your employment at any time without giving you grounds for a lawsuit. However, employment at will is not absolute.

At the Law Offices of Steven M. Werner, P.C. in Colorado Springs, I represent employees who have been illegally dismissed, discharged, demoted, transferred or otherwise mistreated in an employment setting. I also represent people whose unemployment compensation claims have been opposed by their employer.

When Is It Against the Law to Fire Someone?

Today, the doctrine of employment at will is not as absolute as it was in the past. Employers may not take an adverse action against an employee if that action:

  • Would violate a written or verbal contract
  • Constitute discrimination for reasons involving race, religion, age, disability or gender
  • Violate certain fundamental liberties of that individual

How and under what conditions an employee may be discharged or punished in an employment setting depends on facts and circumstances involved in the particular case. Only an experienced employment law attorney can tell you if your rights were violated and what legal action may be taken.

Representing You in Unemployment Compensation Claims

If you apply for unemployment compensation and your employer opposes the claim, you should contact an attorney immediately to determine how to best present the claim during unemployment compensation proceedings.

In Colorado, you are entitled to unemployment compensation even if you are fired from your job, as long as you did not commit misconduct such as stealing. As your lawyer, I will ensure that you receive the benefits you deserve. Under certain circumstances you may be entitled to unemployment benefits even if you quit.

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