Appeals Attorney in Colorado Springs AppealsDo You Need to Appeal a Civil or Criminal Case

If you wish to appeal a civil or criminal case in Colorado, you will need a lawyer who understands what the court expects in written briefs and oral arguments. The skills required of an appellate lawyer are different than those required of a trial lawyer.

At the Law Offices of Steven M. Werner, P.C. in Colorado Springs, I have handled appeals of civil and criminal cases for more than 45 years. I also served as an appellate judge for nine years. As a result, I understand what it takes to mount a successful appeal of a criminal conviction, a criminal sentence, or a civil court verdict.

I have represented people in Colorado appellate courts and have a record of success, having won a large majority of appeals. I represent clients in Colorado state, federal, and military appellate courts.

Types of Appeals

Anyone who is convicted of a crime in Colorado has a right to appeal his or her conviction or sentence. Civil court judgments may also be appealed. Among the types of appeals I handle:

As your lawyer, I will first review and research your case to determine if an appeal is winnable. If it is, I will advise you on how to proceed. If you desire to pursue the appeal, I will write the necessary briefs and argue the case to the appellate court in the hope of obtaining a successful result.

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